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Al Maryam Healthcare is the most ethical & transparent medical travel service provider that helps you find the best surgeons, specialists, and hospitals within India. With more than 7 years of experience in medical facilitation, our team aims to provide all the necessary help to patients, so they get the best treatment in India. We help patients coming from any part of the world to get their treatment done in India

Our founding team consists of doctors and healthcare professionals that are highly experienced in their field. Our members are fluent in English and Arabic. Moreover, they have worked in Australia and Gulf countries, which is why they thoroughly understand different cultures and patient requirements.

Our compassionate team members are experienced healthcare professionals that are highly qualified and skilled. We pledge to provide outstanding service to patients within their limited budget. As a team, we aim to find the best surgeons and hospitals for our clients through our network.

Why Choose Us?

Al Maryam Healthcare is a name of reliability, trust, and ethics when it comes to giving the best service to our patients. We are a healthcare & medical travel service provider whose only aim is to help all our clients equally and ease their treatment journey.

There are a lot of medical treatments offered in India, including cancer treatment, kidney transplant, heart surgery, plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, and others, but finding the right doctor in your budget takes the most time and is also risky for the patient whose life is on the clock.

We have partnerships with top hospitals and best surgeons to help our patients. We help our clients and connect them with the best doctors that assist them throughout their journey of treatment.

  • Enjoy a Hassle-Free Treatment Travel

    We at Al Maryam take care of all the needs of the patient to make their travel more comfortable. We arrange free treatment quotations, doctors & hospital recommendation, chat & conferences with doctors for better decision-making, and so you can get stress & hassle-free treatment in India.
  • Get the Best Treatment by Best Surgeons 

    We have partnered with top surgeons and hospitals in India that are skilled professionals having great experience and knowledge of their field. Most of our partner doctors are associated members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA); they treat patients and ensure the disease does not take a toll on their mental health as well.
  • Easy Travel Arrangements

    We help patients by arranging the medical visa, tickets, airport pickups, accommodation, and other essential services like language translators, dietary requirements, and more. You do not have to go anywhere, leave everything on Al Maryam’s team, and focus on getting better.
  • 24×7 Post-Surgery Services

    We offer 24×7 post-surgery services to our client, which shows that our duty does not end at a patient’s surgery or treatment. We make sure that our clients are at ease by arranging their follow-ups with the doctor, communicating their condition with their family, medicines delivery to their hotel, and much more.

Our Services

  • Doctor & Hospital Recommendation

    Al Maryam Healthcare’s primary and top priority is to find the best doctor and hospital for the patient according to their disease and condition. We make sure to work according to your budget & preferences.
  • Doctor Chat & Conference

    We arrange chat & conference sessions of patients with doctors to help them have better communication with their surgeon. We arrange this conference before the patient arrives in India so they can see if the doctor is adequate for them or not. In case the patient is not satisfied, we look for other doctors/surgeons or hospitals for them within our vast network.
  • Pre-Arrival Services

    We make pre-arrival arrangements for the patient so they can easily find accommodation, get proper rest, and feel at home. We look after every possible aspect to ensure the patient feels safe and secure.
    • Cost Estimate for Treatment
    • Doctor-Patient Conference
    • Hotel Accommodation
    • Medical Appointment
    • Medical Visa
    • Treatment Packages
  • 24×7 Medical Concierge Services

    We offer concierge services to our clients, so they do not have to wait for hours in a hospital’s waiting room. You will get same-day appointments, direct access to the doctor, proper examinations, hotel pickup & drop services, and much more. Our concierge services team ensures that the patient does not have to go through a further struggle during their treatment.
  • Services Upon Arrival

    Our duties do not end at pre-arrival services; we also take care of all patient needs upon their arrival in the country. We make sure the patient gets all the necessary help upon their arrival, which includes:
    • Airport Pickup & Drop
    • Assistance in Foreign Exchange
    • Hospital Pickup & Drop
    • Dietary Arrangements
    • Hospitalization Assistance
    • Language Translator
    • Wi-Fi Dongle & SIM-Card Assistance
  • Post-Procedure Services

    We pledge to give the best services to a patient that includes services after treatment as well. After the procedure phase can be difficult for the patient, so we ensure that the patient gets all the help during it. Also, we look after,
    • Providing daily updates to family
    • Follow up with the doctor
    • Medicine deliveries
    • Sightseeing recommendations & planning
    • Trip Extensions for leisure and rejuvenation

Medical tourism in India is growing at a fast pace. People from diverse and remote corners of the world visit India for the best medical services. Al Maryam Healthcare has helped hundreds of foreign patients with the best medical care during their visit to India. We provide trustworthy medical care facilities from the best and internationally accredited hospitals and clinics. We have helped patients from countries like USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Nigeria, Mozambique, South Sudan, Ukraine, Kenya, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh, Mongolia Sierra Leone, Angola and many others.

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