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Cancer Treatment in India

India is the best choice for patients coming from abroad because of the following reasons:

Affordable Treatment
Cancer is an expensive treatment and based on the growth of cancer, the treatment cost can increase rapidly. If you are coming from abroad, then India is the best and most affordable place for the treatment of cancer. For example breast cancer treatment in India can cost you somewhere $4500 compared to USA where it can cost $10000. 

Availability of Da Vinci or Robotic Surgery
Indian hospitals are now equipped with new and advanced machinery, including robotic surgeries to reduce the rate of error in cancer surgeries. Patients can get high-quality treatment by the same method as in any country and that too in less money.

No Language Barrier
Although Hindi is the official language of India, English is the most spoken language after Hindi. In case of any foreign language, you will get the option to take the assistance of a language translator to communicate with your surgeon.

JCI & NCBI Accredited Hospitals
JCI & NCBI accreditation ensures that hospitals are meeting the standard procedures for treatment. They ensure the use of high-quality and advanced methods for treatment in hospitals to see if the patients are receiving ideal treatment or not.

Experienced Oncologists
In India, you will find experienced oncologists, radiation therapists, hematologists, etc. who offer high-end treatment to all their patients. The extensive experience in the field allows surgeons to implement the best strategy for patient’s treatment.

India is famous for offering the best cancer treatment for the patient. You will find a lot of potential options in India in terms of both hospitals and radiation oncologists. Some of the surgeons in India are incredibly experienced in their field. Many cities in India including Delhi & Mumbai are famous for its international standards of medical care facilities, which makes it easier for foreigners to locate the best cancer hospital in Delhi, Mumbai, or Chennai.

Indian hospitals are equipped with all the necessary treatment modalities and technologies that are required to give the same treatment to the patient as in any other country. If you are coming from abroad, then you will get the best cancer treatment in India at cost-effective prices.

Al Maryam Healthcare is a trustworthy medical travel agency that helps patients coming from abroad to get the best hospital and best oncologist in India for their treatment. We aim to lower the burden on our patients and help them recover as quickly as possible.

Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Cancer treatment cost in India is less than what is taken in other countries, including the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore. Due to the difference in the currency rate, the patients coming from abroad can save a lot of money during the treatment.

No matter if your doctor suggests therapy or surgery, you can get all your treatment done at an affordable price. Chemotherapy cost in India is also low as compared to other top countries, which is why patients requiring chemotherapy can easily get their treatment without paying an arm and a leg for their treatment.

Here is a list of some cancer types and a comparison of their treatment cost in dollars between India and the UK, US, and Singapore.

Type of CancerIndia $UK $US $Singapore $
Breast Cancer450010000100008000
Cervical Cancer750025000240008500
Oral Cancer50009000135008000
Prostate Cancer5500550055008000
Colon Cancer500010000250008000
Lung Cancer50001000015000-7000
Stomach Cancer6000200002000010000
PET Scan500300030003000

*All prices are approx. and in USD

Best Cancer Hospital in India

In India, you will find a lot of cancer treatment hospitals that are equipped with advanced robotics and experienced doctors. There are many best cancer hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai where you can get high-quality treatment at a reasonable cost. Al Maryam Healthcare can help you to find the best hospital in India for cancer treatment under your budget.

About Cancer

Cancer in simple terms, it is the abnormal growth of cells in the human body. Cancer can occur in any form in the body, which is characterized by these abnormally-developed cells. What cancer cell does is that they completely destroy the normal body tissue that leads to the spread of cancer in the body. In short, cancer occurs due to the abnormal growth of the cells in the body leading to affecting organs.

Cancer often requires surgery along with radiation therapy, as predicted by the surgical and radiation oncology specialist. The most common procedure for cancer is radiation therapy, which has proven to be an amazing procedure to cure cancer to a great level.

Cancer Test

Biopsy: Biopsy is a method for cancer screening in which the doctor collects a sample of cells from the affected area. The type of biopsy depends on the type and location of cancer in the body. The collected samples are evaluated under a microscope to check for the growth of cancer cells and other symptoms.

Lab Tests: Lab tests include blood and urine tests to check for abnormalities in the body of the patient. In many cases, the abnormal increase in the blood count also reveals the presence of any cancer in the body.

Imaging Tests: Imaging tests involve noninvasive techniques to diagnose cancer in the patient’s body. Imaging tests include a PET scan, CT scan, X-ray, etc. These techniques help in locating and identifying cancer in the body.

Physical Exam: The doctor checks for any lumps in the body to predict if there is a presence of cancer in the body. Apart from it, the doctor also looks for enlargement of any organ or change in skin color.

Cancer Diagnosis

The above-mentioned diagnostic tests are the basis of predicting cancer in the human body. If conducted properly, these tests can reveal important information about the cancer location and stage. A patient will have to go through a series of tests to confirm the condition.

Cancer Stages

The cancer stage is diagnosed by the oncologist after reading your test reports. In case of any missing information, your doctor will run further tests to confirm your condition. Once the stage is diagnosed, the doctor will suggest possible treatment options for the patient. Cancer stages are:

Stage 0: There is no cancer in this stage, but only abnormally grown cells that can lead to cancer.

Stage I: In this stage, the cancer is not spread and is in the early stages.

Stage II & III: Cancer has spread from the focal point and has influenced other tissues as well.     

Stage IV: It is the advanced stage in which cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Cancer Treatment

Today, many different types of cancer treatments are available in hospitals. Conventional treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted drug therapy, bone marrow transplant, and clinical trials. The primary purpose of all these treatments is to cure or somehow control cancer. Most cancer treatments aid in killing the cancer cells or stopping them from growing in the body.

Types of Cancer

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer occurs due to the abnormal growth of the cells in the breast. Cancer often appears as the lump in the breast. Both men and women can have breast cancer, but women are more affected by this disease.

Cervical Cancer: Cervical cancer appears in the cervix of the body due to the abnormal growth of the cells. Cervix is present in the lower body connecting the uterus and vagina. The most common cause of cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease.

Oral Cancer: Oral cancer appears on the lip lining, throat, or mouth. Oral cancer is more common among men as compared to women, and the possible risk factors of the disease include smoking, tobacco, and history of cancer.

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer appears in the prostate gland when the cells in the gland grow uncontrollably. The prostate is found in men, which is also responsible for the production of some parts of the semen.

Colon Cancer: Colon cancer starts from the large intestine with small clumps of cells inside the intestine. Once these clumps are mature, they take the shape of colon cancer. This type of cancer is also known as colorectal cancer.

Lung Cancer: Lung cancer is the cancer of lungs whose most significant cause is smoking. The more smoking a person does, the more he/she is at the risk of developing this type of cancer. However, lung cancer can also occur in non-smokers.

Small Intestine Cancer: Small intestine cancer is a rare illness in which the tissue in the organ begins to grow abnormally leading to the formation of a tumor. There are many types of small intestine cancers including intestinal lymphomas, sarcoma, adenocarcinomas, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, and carcinoid tumors.

Stomach Cancer: Stomach cancer appears in the cells that produce mucus lining the stomach. This type of cancer is also known as adenocarcinoma. Some of the symptoms of the disease include stomach pain, heartburn, loss of appetite, and indigestion.

Cancer Treatment FAQs

1. How much does it cost for cancer treatment in India?
Cancer treatment in India costs $2200-$7,500, which is quite affordable as compared to the UK, US, and Singapore, where the prices are $15,000, $20,000, and $10,000, respectively, depending upon the cancer type.

2. Where can we get the best treatment of cancer in India?
There are many best cancer hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai where you can get high-quality treatment at a reasonable cost. Al Maryam Healthcare can help you to find the best hospital in India for cancer treatment under your budget.

3. Which is the best cancer hospital in India?
In India, you will find various hospitals that aim to provide the best cancer treatment to patients; however, few of the best cancer hospitals in India are BLK Hospital, Artemis Hospital, etc where patients come from different countries to get their treatment from the best doctors.

4. How much time is required to recover from cancer?
Cancer treatment requires multiple treatments with many cases, including radiation therapies. Chemotherapy is a radiation therapy that heavily affects the patient’s body. The time to recover from cancer varies from cancer to cancer, with all of them requiring different treatment methods and radiation therapies.

5. Is cancer curable in India?
India has some of the best medical facilities that offer excellent chances for the patient to cure cancer, but just like in any country, some cancers are incurable. The survival rate of the patient varies from cancer to cancer, but in often cases, the disease is cured through a surgical procedure or radiation therapies.

6. What is the cost of chemotherapy cost in India?
The cost of chemotherapy in India is between $1100 – $2100.

7. How can you begin to start your cancer treatment in India?
You can contact Al Maryam Healthcare that specializes in providing medical tourism services to the patients to help them find the right option for hospitals and doctors in India.

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