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Eye Surgery in India

India is the most affordable country when it comes to eye surgeries. Not everyone can afford to go to the US, UK or Australia for the treatment, therefore, affordable and high-quality options like India are the priority of patients.

Indian medical facility is best known for providing excellent care and services to the patients. Apart from it, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and their association with All India Ophthalmologist (AIOS) look after the needs of the doctors and patients to ensure high-quality medical treatment.

In India, you can get outstanding eye treatment from world-class doctors at reasonable rates. India has several hospitals under its belt that are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) (affiliated to ISQua – International Society for Quality in Healthcare).

Here are some factors why you should choose India over any other country.

Low-Cost Medical Care
If you are wondering what you will be left behind, then that’s not true with India. Even if you are paying less, you will still be given the best treatment.

No Language Barrier
English is the second most spoken language of India, which is why medical tourism is very common there. Also, they provide translatory help to patients for better communication if the patient does not speak English.

Highly Skilled Doctors
In India, you will find a lot of skilled and qualified doctors who understand their duties towards their patients. You can trust these doctors without any doubts.

World Class Infrastructure
Indian hospitals are equipped with the finest and most advanced international standards infrastructure for the treatment of patients providing the best and cost-effective healthcare facilities.

Medical tourism
India is booming as a top destination for medical tourism. According to statistics in 2020 the growth rate of medical tourism is expected to be $9 billion.

Even normal eye surgeries such as laser eye or LASIK can cost a lot in the UK, US, Australia, and Singapore. On the flip side, the laser eye surgery cost in India or LASIK surgery cost in India is much affordable than the other ones.

Al Maryam Healthcare is one of the top names in India that has helped patients get the top-quality treatment from best hospitals and eye surgeons in India.

Cost of Eye Surgery in India

India is the most affordable country around the world where you can find quality doctors and still get your treatment at affordable rates. Additionally, Delhi has one of the best eye surgeons in the world, with top-class doctors working there to serve the patients.

Al Maryam Healthcare acknowledges patients about the prices of treatment and helps them find hospitals and surgeons that offer affordable treatment. For instance, you want to check laser treatment for eyes cost in India – Al Maryam Healthcare will not only enlighten you with prices but will recommend you best surgeons as well.

Here’s a comparison of the cost of eye treatment in India with the UK, US, and Singapore.

Eye Surgery India ($) US($) UK($) Singapore($)
LASIK 400/eye 3000/eye 3000/eye 3300/eye
Cataract Surgery 550/eye 7000/eye 5200/eye 6800/eye
Squint Eye 400 6000 8000 6000
Glaucoma 600 4000 4000 9000
Cornea Transplant 700 28000 15000 6000
*All prices approx. & in USD

Best Hospitals for Eye Surgery in India

India is famous for its top-quality hospitals, along with highly skilled Ophthalmologists that provide excellent treatment to patients. Some cities, including Delhi, are incredibly renowned for their hospitals with international level infrastructure, where hundreds of eye surgeries take place daily. Lasik surgery cost in Delhi or any other city of India depends upon the complication of the refractive error, which might affect the cost. There are a lot of hospitals for LASIK surgery in Delhi from where you can get the treatment.

These are some of the best hospitals that are widely known for their excellent surgeons. You can get the best LASIK eye surgery in Delhi without any hassle just email Al Maryam Healthcare and we will help you find the best doctor in India.

What is Eye Surgery?

Eye surgery, also known as ocular surgery is done by an Ophthalmologist to solve vision problems. The eye is the most fragile part of the body, and the surgeries on the eye require extreme care to protect them from further damage.

Many times, refractive errors in the eye that are related to the lack of retina bending the light waves require surgery to cure the issue. In short, the patient sees a blurred image, which often worsens with time. Hence, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia can be caused by it.

Types of Eye Surgery

LASIK: LASIK stands for ‘laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses.’ It is the most common type of surgery that is done on the eye to enable the light waves to focus appropriately on the retina by adjusting the cornea in the eye. LASIK surgery is not very painful, and the procedure does not take much time. Many vision problems are easily corrected with the help of this procedure, and this surgery can also serve as a useful alternative for glasses and lenses. Lasik eye surgery cost in India depends upon the severity of the eye, but in any case, LASIK eye surgery cost in Delhi or in any other city of India is it is much reasonable than US, UK, Australia, or Singapore.

Cataract Surgery: Often, cataract blurs the lens of the eye that affects vision. Cataract surgery is another most common type of eye surgery in which the lens of the eye is removed or replaced with a new lens. The patient is usually instantly discharged after the surgery. The surgery helps in removing the cloud that the cataract cause in the lens of the eye and improving the vision. Cataract surgery cost in India is much more affordable as compared to other countries.

Photorefractive Keratectomy: Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is also known as LASEK (Laser-assisted sub-epithelial keratectomy). It is one kind of refractive surgery that helps in reducing the dependence of patients over lens or glasses. In this surgery, the ophthalmologist changes the shape of the cornea that helps in focusing the light waves on the retina. This surgery treats astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. It is a safe procedure that you can get upon consulting with your eye surgeon.

Diabetic Retinopathy Surgery: This surgery is done after extensive eye exams to confirm the severity of the illness. The surgery stops or slows down the progression of diabetic retinopathy. Your surgeon can either recommend you photocoagulation, panretinal photocoagulation, vitrectomy, and medicine injections in the eye, depending upon the condition of the eye. In diabetic retinopathy, a small incision is made in the eye to clean the blood from the eye’s center. Make sure you opt for the best eye surgeon in India for this treatment for good results.

Macular Degeneration Surgery: Your visual acuity is controlled in the center of the retina, called macula. The deterioration of this area is known as macular degeneration. This condition of the eye cannot be fully treated, but it can be controlled through surgery. If it is not managed well, the patient can even lose his/her vision. Often, laser surgery is done on the eye to seal the leaking blood vessels in the eye. It is necessary to opt for the best eye surgeon to carry out this surgery; otherwise, it can further damage the macula.

Glaucoma Surgery: Intraocular pressure on the eye affects the vision. Glaucoma surgery is done on the eye by cutting through laser or other means to reduce the pressure. Incisional surgery is usually recommended when the optic nerve is damaged. Otherwise, laser surgery is the best way to treat glaucoma.

Squint Eye: Squint Eye is an abnormality in which both eyeballs are looking in different directions. There are different types of squint eye, for instance:

  • Hypertropia: eye turns upward
  • Hypotropia: eye turns downwards
  • Esotropia: eye turns inward
  • Exotropia: eye turns outwards

Squint Eye surgery is possible and helps in correcting this problem in the long run.

Eye Cancer: Cancer can affect any part of the body, including the eye. Mostly, lymphoma and melanoma are the most common intraocular cancers that appear in an adult’s eye. In surgery, the surgeon removes the tumor from the eye and secures the healthy tissue from being affected. There are various surgical options for eye cancer surgery, including:

  • Iridectomy: Some part of the iris is removed
  • Iridocycletomy: Some part of the ciliary body and iris is removed
  • Sclerouvectomy: Removal of the choroidal tumor
  • Enucleation: Eye removal

Refractive Eye Surgery: Refractive errors affect the vision of the eye, which is why refractive eye surgery helps in improving the refractive state of the eye. This surgery helps in reducing the reliance on lenses and glasses. The surgeon can perform various procedures, including reshaping of the cornea, remodeling cornea, or others, to solve the issue.

Cornea Transplant Surgery: Cornea transplant surgery involves replacing cornea with a donor to restore the vision of the patient. It is used to improve damaged cornea.

Eye Surgery - FAQs

  1. Is laser eye surgery safe in India?
    Laser surgery is entirely safe in India. Doctors take appropriate safety measures before performing the surgery.
  1. Is Lasik surgery painful?
    LASIK does not cause any pain during the surgery; however, you might feel some pressure on your eyes after LASIK.
  1. Which Eye hospital is best in India?
    India has several top eye hospitals; you can get the best eye treatment in India without any hassle just email Al Maryam Healthcare and we will help you find the best hospital in India.
  1. What is the eye surgery success rate in India?
    India has a good eye surgery success rate, with only laser surgery to show a 90% success rate.
  1. What is the duration of treatment?
    The duration of each eye treatment differs depending on the type of eye surgery.
  1. How can we start an eye surgery procedure in India?
    Al Maryam Healthcare is a famous medical travel company that assists patients in getting the best treatment in India. We can arrange the best hospitals and doctors for you so you can get the best treatment without any efforts.

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