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Cost of Heart Surgery in India

India is much more affordable as compared to other countries in the world. No matter if it is heart transplant cost in India or open-heart surgery cost in India – every other heart surgery cost much less than it is in other countries.

The cost of the treatments is the reason for substantial medical tourism in India. Low-treatment costs are the first reason why foreign patients are most attracted to India. It is one of the leading destinations for heart treatment, where people from all over the world come to get their treatment done.

Apart from treatment costs, the quality of treatment and services provided to patients are also remarkable. Mostly, international patients come for angioplasty, open-heart surgery, and installation of pacemaker treatments, which is way expensive in countries like USA, UK, Singapore.

Bypass surgery cost in India is very affordable for patients coming from the UK, USA, and Australia. Not just the cost, but patients are provided with excellent care and high-quality treatment to help them cure the disease in no time.

Here’s a comparison of the cost of heart surgeries in India with the UK, US, and Singapore.

Treatment Name India ($) UK ($) USA ($) Singapore ($)
Heart Transplant $50,000 $110,000 $140,000 $80,000
Coronary Angioplasty $3800 $9500 $30,000 $14,000
Open heart Surgery $2500 $15,000 $78,000 $40,000
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery $5000 $30,000 $75,000 $20,000
LVAD $125,000 $140,000 $210,000 $120,000

*All prices approx. & in USD

Al Maryam Healthcare is one of the best medical travel agencies for people coming from abroad to get their heart surgeries done in India. We communicate all the treatment plan & prices to our clients so they can make a budget accordingly.

Heart Surgery in India

India is one of the famous countries all over the world for its high-quality treatments and skilled surgeons. You can easily find some of the best heart surgeons in India to perform these critical procedures. Indian hospitals are equipped with highly qualified doctors and world-class facilities that are no less than hospitals abroad.

One of the noteworthy aspects of India is that the country is extremely affordable when it comes to treatment. For instance, bypass surgery in India can costs about $4300; whereas, the same procedure can costs about $40,000 in the US.

In India, you will find some great doctors that are renowned and have international education & work experience. Indian doctors are sought after doctors working in the USA, UK, and other top countries. Mostly, heart transplant in India gives better life and health to the patients without triggering extreme side-effects.

Hospitals in India are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) & National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), which shows the legitimacy of these institutes.

Highly Skilled Surgeons/Doctors

One of the best things about India is their skilled & empathic doctors/surgeons who have vast experience in all areas of heart surgery. You will not be disappointed if you put your trust in them.The hospitals in India are well-equipped so that they can provide the care the patient is required to receive post-surgery.

Well-Equipped Hospitals

Indian hospitals are well-equipped with world-class level infrastructures, state-of-the-art technology, including non-invasive cardiac labs and cardiothoracic CCUs for utmost patient care. Cardiology in India has improved a lot over time, and the advent of biomedical technology further improved the infrastructure. Today, new and advanced methods for various cardiac surgeries are used in Indian hospitals such as Beating heart surgery, arterial grafts, and many more.

Excellent Care

In India, the patients are given the best care and treatment, even pre-surgery, during surgery and post-surgery. The doctors ensure to take follow-ups from patients to keep a check on their condition. The rooms, food, services are top-notch in India, which is the first reason why many people come from abroad to get their treatment in India.

Language Translators

If you are coming from a different country, then there is no need to stress over the language issue. India has many language translators that are arranged when the patient does not speak English. We at Al Maryam also look after these problems and arrange a language translator for our clients for proper communication between doctors and patients.

Affordable Treatments

Low-cost treatment is the first reason why people from all over the world prefer India for treatment. If you are coming from abroad, then prices are the last thing you should worry about.

You can get the best cardiac surgeon in India for your treatment at the best prices. Al Maryam Healthcare is a medical travel agency that looks after all your needs for the best patient treatment.

What is Heart Surgery?

Cardiology is a field of medicine that deals with the problems of the heart. Cardiac surgery is done for various purposes, including replacing or repairing heart valves, implanting devices, or repairing the damaged structure of the heart. The ‘CABG’ or ‘coronary artery bypass grafting’ is the most common type of heart surgery.

Other types of problems with heart affect the heart valves, heart structure, heart function, which is then corrected through heart surgeries.

Open-heart surgery is the traditional heart surgery done to correct heart problems. This involves opening the chest through the incision and then performing procedures. Several risks are involved with open-heart surgery, including a heart attack, blood loss, memory loss, pneumonia, and others.

Heart surgery requires a lot of downtime and support after surgery. The doctor gives a list of advice to patients to follow them before, during, and after surgery. If done correctly, heart surgery is the best way to deal with heart problems and complexities.

Types of Heart Surgery

Aortic Surgery In this surgery, the doctor corrects the problems related to aortic dissections and aortic aneurysms. It is an open-chest surgery through which the weak aorta in the heart is replaced with a graft. Indian doctors are incredibly professional who make sure the patient is safe throughout the procedure.

Congenital Heart Surgery Congenital cardiac surgery is required to repair the heart from any genetic heart defect. The defects are present in the child since his/her birth and the surgery helps in improving the long-term health of the child. If not treated on time, the problems can affect the blood flow throughout the heart and body.

Aortic Valve Surgery If one or more aortic valve is not working in proper condition, then this surgery is done to replace or correct the aortic valve. An aortic valve is responsible for the steady blood flow in the heart, and the surgery ensures that the blood keeps flowing properly. An incision is made on the chest through which the surgeon repairs the aortic valve.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery In this surgery, a blocked coronary artery is replaced with a new blood vessel to restore the flow of blood and heart functions. When a coronary artery is blocked or damaged, the blood flow in the heart is affected, leading to multiple health issues. This cardiac surgery helps in relieving complications, including a heart attack.

Arrhythmia Surgery In case when heart rhythms are not in harmony, then this surgery is done to correct them. The heart rhythm is either too fast (tachycardia) or too slow (bradycardia). It can be life-threating in severe cases, which is arrhythmia surgery is done to bring the heart to its normal heartbeat.

Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) When the blood does not pump the blood properly, then this surgery is done in which a mechanical device is placed in the heart to restore blood pumping. These are portable devices and allow the patient to continue with their regular activities. However, it is a risky procedure and requires a thorough checkup to ensure if the patient is eligible for it.

Heart Transplant A heart transplant is needed in worst heart conditions when the heart loses its ability to pump oxygenated blood, and then this surgery is used to correct this problem.

Myectomy/Myotomy Heart problems in which a part of the heart wall enlarges require Myectomy. In this surgery, the surgeon removes the enlarged portion to restore the original shape and size of the heart wall.

Left Ventricle Remodeling/Surgical Ventricular Restoration In this surgery, the surgeon restores the normal shape of the heart after a heart attack to help it pump blood properly. The procedure restores the mechanical function of the left ventricle by improving the chamber size, which then enhances the blood flow.

Valvular Surgery The surgeon repairs or replaces the diseased heart valves in this surgery. Valvular surgery is an optimum procedure to deal with heart valve diseases that leads to dysfunctioning the valves. The surgeon removes or repairs the affected heart valve in this surgery.

Transmyocardial Revascularization This surgery is for patients with severe chest pains on whom angioplasty cannot be done. It is a treatment for patients who are not eligible for coronary artery bypass grafting. It involves a laser to make small holes in the heart muscle to release the pain.

Heart Surgery - FAQs

  1. Which is the best hospital for heart surgery in India?

    Apollo Hospitals, BLK Hospital, Artemis Hospital are some one of the best hospitals for heart surgery in India.
  1. Who is the best heart surgeon in India?

    There are many top & the best heart surgeons in India. Share your medical reports with us and we will guide you through.
  1. How long does open heart surgery take?

    The time taken for open-heart surgery depends upon the condition of the patient, along with the type of procedure done on the patient. As an estimate, open-heart surgery takes about 6 hours on average.
  1. Is Open-heart surgery safe?

    Open-heart surgery is a safe procedure if done properly. Recent times have shown that patients experience fewer complications and death risks after the surgery.
  1. How much does heart transplant cost in India?

    The heart transplant in India cost about $50,000 USD, which is a considerable amount; however, same is more expensive in USA, UK, & Singapore.
  1. How much does it cost for heart bypass surgery?

    Heart bypass surgery is not an expensive treatment in India, and costs approx $5000 USD.
  1. Why choose AI Maryam Healthcare?

    Al Maryam Healthcare is a specialized medical travel agency that offers a huge range of services to its clients, from arranging hospitals for them to picking them up from the hospitals. We ensure patient safety and security and help them to get their treatment from top hospitals and surgeons. We prepare a cost estimate for patients depending on their condition and arrange their conferences with the doctors as well.

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