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Knee Replacement in India

Knee replacement surgery in India is one of the most common surgeries among a list of surgeries. The patients come to India for knee replacement surgery for a variety of reasons. The following are the primary reasons why patients all over the world choose India for knee replacement surgery.

Affordable Treatment
India is famous for affordable treatment as compared to other countries. The treatment plan, including the hospital stay, medications, tests, does not cost as much as the same treatment cost in the UK, US, or Australia. You can get high-quality treatment in India even in a low budget.

Experience Surgeons and Physiotherapist
In India, you will find many knee replacement surgeons & physiotherapists who have extensive international experience in the field that makes them capable of delivering the best treatment to the patient. They ensure patient satisfaction by giving them accurate advice and instructions.

NABH and JCI Accredited Hospitals
Hospitals in India, including multiple healthcare organizations, primary care providers, and medical centers, are accredited by the NABH and JCI, who keep track of activities in these organizations. These entities are responsible for ensuring if the hospitals are following the standard procedures, using advanced treatment methods, and looking after the patient’s satisfaction.

No Language Barrier
English is the second most popular spoken language in India. The patients coming from abroad do not feel any trouble in communicating with the surgeon and hospital staff. Apart from it, the translator facility is also available in Al Maryam Healthcare that lets the patient properly communicate with the surgeon.

Advanced Robotics & Machinery
Da Vinci robotic surgery, minimally invasive procedures, navigational surgery, arthroscopic procedures are now available in India. Apart from it, the surgeon uses advanced methods of treatment, so the patient does not suffer from extreme pain or long duration of recovery.

Knee Replacement Cost in India

In India, the surgeon uses new and advanced methods of treatment. Some of the Indian cities, such as Delhi is famous for excellent hospitals and top-quality surgeons. The knee replacement cost in India is much affordable when compared to other countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and others. When it comes to the quality of treatment, patients get the same treatment as in another country.

Al Maryam Healthcare helps patients to get excellent quality treatment by the best knee replacement surgeon in India. We ensure to find the best knee replacement hospital in India for the patient in their budget. We make all the arrangements, including boarding, stay, making appointments.

We make sure to work on the patient’s preferences. We look for the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi and other Indian cities as per the patient’s request.

The knee replacement surgery cost in India is still affordable when the patient goes to other countries for treatment. The exchange rate, along with the stay cost, medicines, and others, are very affordable.

Here is a list of knee replacement surgeries cost in India compared with the cost of the same surgery in the UK, US, and Singapore in dollars.

Treatment Name India $ US $ UK $ Singapore $
Minimal Invasive Surgery $3500 $50,000 $30,000 $20,000
Knee Arthroplasty $3000 $57,000 $20,000 $30,000
Partial Knee Replacement $2500 $40,000 $25,000 $25,000
Robotic Knee Surgery $12,000 $75,000 $40,000 $30,000
*All prices approx. & in USD

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery ?

Knee arthroplasty or knee replacement surgery is done on patients with diseased or damaged knee joints that can cause severe pain and trouble. In the surgery, the damaged knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint. After surgery, patients also go through physiotherapy to increase mobility.

Knee replacement in India and other countries is one of the most common surgical procedures. Patients who have rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis are some of the ideal patients for knee replacement.

An orthopedic surgeon replaces the damaged knee with the prosthesis, also known as implants. The implants are made with different materials, and the surgeon chooses it for the patient depending on several factors.

If you are looking for affordable options for knee replacement, then India is the best to look for. At Al Maryam Healthcare, we help patients coming from abroad to get high-quality treatment in their budget. India is much more reasonable than countries like the UK, the US, Australia. We help the patient to find the best knee replacement hospital and surgeon in India, along with looking after their stay, foreign exchange, medical appointments, and everything else.

India has extremely qualified knee replacement doctors along with a trained staff that lets patients get back to their knees in no time.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee problems can affect the way a person conducts his/her daily activities in life. A patient with a damaged knee might have to suffer from much pain, which can make life unbearable. Knee replacement aids in improving the way the patient conducts his normal activities, along with resuming with their regular lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of knee replacement surgery.

  • It helps in pain relief. Walking, running, and standing can become a problem due to knee problems. A knee replacement can help in alleviating the debilitating pain a patient goes through due to damaged or diseased knee.

  • Knee surgery improves mobility, which can result in the increasing distance that a patient can walk. Physiotherapy is preferred for mobility, but in the worst condition, knee replacement surgery is the only solution. Knee surgery is preferable for people who have trouble walking without a walker or feel significant pain.

  • Often, medication and therapy do not show any positive effect on the patient. A knee replacement surgery helps in getting a better treatment response. Also, long-term use of opioids for pain leads to severe complications in the future. Knee replacement surgery helps in reducing the reliance on patients on physical therapy and medications.

  • Knee replacement surgery has excellent satisfaction and success rate in India. Apart from it, anyone can get knee surgery despite his or her age. In addition to this, the surgery helps in improving the quality of life of the patient.

The treatment is easily available in all countries and has a high success rate, among other methods of relieving inflammation of the knees. You can get this treatment in India at a much affordable cost as compared to other countries, which is a major benefit of getting knee replacement surgery in India.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Minimally invasive procedure for knee replacement is a variation of the traditional approach of knee replacement surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a shorter incision as compared to the traditional approach in which a long vertical incision is made. This procedure of knee replacement is not suitable for all patients and is specifically done to reduce post-operative pain and reduce the time of recovery. The ideal candidate for this procedure is the one who is healthy, thin, and young. Your orthopedic surgeon will run several tests on the patient to refer to this technique for them.

Arthroscopic Procedures
Knee arthroplasty is a technique in which the surgeon makes a small hole in the knee and inserts a probe attached with a small camera into the knee to check for any issue. The probe with the camera is called an arthroscope. The surgeon takes out the images of the knee by recording a video that helps the doctor to make a better call for treatment. After assessing the condition, another incision is made in the joint from where the surgical tools go inside. Some of the most common arthroscopic procedures include:

  • Removing loose fragments of cartilage, bone and inflamed tissue
  • Treating knee infections and patella issues
  • Reconstructing torn anterior cruciate ligament

Navigational Surgery
Navigation surgery involves computer navigation that uses infrared radiation to grab the real-time image of the knee to perform total knee replacement. Traditional knee replacement can result in some errors, but with computer navigation, the chances of any errors are close to zero. The computer navigation provides the surgeon with visual information, which lets them perform the surgery with accuracy. The surgery is especially excellent for placing an implant, bone cuts, final alignment, and other serious procedures. Navigation surgery has many advantages, including minimal blood loss, quick rehabilitation, and perfect alignment.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery
Da Vinci surgical procedure involves a robot performing knee replacement surgery on the patient. It is one of the most used surgical procedures that have a high success rate as well. Using robots for the surgery increases the procedure accuracy with proper placement of the knee in the right place. Robot-Assisted surgery is a good option for all patients, including those with serious complications.

Orthopedic surgeons are using this procedure for full knee replacement, hip replacement, and half knee replacement. The robotic surgery helps in giving clear 3D images to the surgeon of the area under treatment, which allows surgeons to plan surgery according to the patient’s anatomy. Also, robot arms help the surgeon in different steps.

Knee Replacement - FAQs

  1. How much does it cost for knee replacement surgery in India?
    Knee replacement surgery in India cost starts from $3500 depending upon the type of treatment. The same treatment can cost around $30,000 in the UK; whereas, it cost about $50,000 in the US. The treatment is much affordable in India as compared to other countries.
  1. Is knee replacement surgery safe in India?
    Yes, knee replacement surgery in India is safe and is not done unnecessarily. Although there is no specific data to present that, the number of surgeries done in India has about a 90% success rate.
  1. What is the average cost of a knee replacement?
    The average cost of knee replacement surgery in India is $5000. On the other hand, the treatment cost from $20,000 to $50,000 in other countries, including the UK, the US, and Singapore.
  1. How long does it take for knee replacement surgery?
    Knee surgery takes about 2-3 hours for the whole procedure, including making an incision, performing the surgery then closing it. The surgeon also rotates and bends the knee to ensure proper functioning before stitching the incision.
  1. How can we begin for knee replacement surgery in India?
    You can contact Al Maryam Healthcare to help you provide the right options for surgeons and hospitals in India. We will also take care of other aspects, including arranging the hotel, booking tickets, looking after medications.

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