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Liver Transplant Surgery in India

Liver transplant in India is one of the most common procedures done on patients with utmost care and expertise. India is famous for medical tourism due to its high-quality treatments, affordable costs, and expert doctors. You can easily get your liver transplant in India within your budget.

Al Maryam Healthcare is a prominent name in India providing medical tourism services to patients coming from different countries to India for treatment. We help patients find the right option for hospitals and doctors in India so they can easily get their treatment. Here is why many patients prefer India for liver transplant:

Affordable Treatment
If you are looking for affordable treatment, then there is no better country than India. The cost of the treatment is much less as compared to top countries, including the UK, US, Australia, Singapore, and other countries. The exchange rate is another factor that contributes to affordable treatment in India.

Al Maryam Healthcare helps patients coming from abroad to find the best liver hospital in India for them in their budget.

Availability of Expert Doctors
Just as in any other country, Indian liver specialists are highly qualified in their job and hold years of experience in their field. It is because of qualified and skilled doctors that we see a high liver transplant success rate in India.

State-of-the-Art Technology
Most Indian hospitals are equipped with State-of-the-Art Technology to ease the procedure for the patient and doctor. The advanced technology in hospitals enables the doctor to conduct an error-free surgery with high accuracy. The ICUs and CCUs in hospitals are equipped with advanced technology to enable patients to get the best treatment.

JCI and NCBI Accredited Hospitals
Most hospitals in India are accredited by the JCI and NCBI, who keep a check on the medical procedures carried out in hospitals. The JCI and NCBI work closely with these hospitals to ensure that proper procedures are followed along with the use of advanced technology for treatment.

No Language Barrier
English is the second most spoken language of India, which is why patients coming from abroad do not feel any trouble in communicating with their surgeon. Translators are also available in India to ensure better communication between surgeons and patients.

Cost of Liver Transplant in India

India is an affordable option for patients to get safe and secure treatment within their budget. You can opt for any treatment in India, but it will still be much less than the same treatment in other countries.

Al Maryam healthcare is a medical travel agency that makes sure that the patient gets the best treatment in India. They ensure to find the best liver hospital for patients.

Liver transplant cost in India is not more than in top countries such as the UK, the US, and Singapore. Here is a comparison in US dollars.

Treatment India $ UK $ US   $ Singapore $
Liver Transplant 30,000 80,000 600,000 400,000
*All prices are in USD

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in India

There are many top liver transplant hospital in India. One of them is the Center of Liver and Biliary Sciences in India at MAX hospital which is one of the best liver transplantation hospitals in India. Al Maryam Healthcare can help patients coming from abroad to find the best liver transplant hospital in India in your budget.

About Liver Transplant

A liver transplant or hepatic transplant is done on a patient with liver failure, in which a diseased liver is replaced with a new and healthy liver of a deceased donor or a part of a liver from a living donor.

A liver is involved in performing various functions, including making proteins, removing bacteria, processing hormones, nutrients, and medications, manufacturing bile, and preventing infection in the body. The liver transplant is not recommended to every patient, but in severe condition or a complete failure of the liver demands a liver transplant.

A patient with acute liver failure requires immediate liver transplant; however, chronic liver failure patients can wait for some time. In any case, liver failure is a special and complex condition that requires immediate attention.

Either deceased or living donor can make the liver donation. In the case of a deceased donor, the patient has to wait; however, a living donor can also donate to the patient as the human liver regenerates soon after the surgery.

Causes of Liver Failures
Liver failure causes vary from patient to patient. However, some of the most common causes of liver failure include:

  • Hepatitis B & C
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Cirrhosis

A failed liver is not able to produce blood proteins, making bile, getting rid of harmful substances, processing food, which leads to severe complications in the body. The patient is not able to cope up with the massive changes occurring in the body resulting in further complicating the patient’s condition.

The liver failure can also occur by eating poisonous mushrooms, as a reaction to specific prescriptions, drinking herbal medications, septic shock, industrial toxins, and various others. To assess the condition, the patient has to go through several tests to confirm liver failure.

Conditions of Liver Failures
Patients with liver failure have certain conditions that verify the disease. In chronic liver failure, the patient might face some on and off symptoms, such as:

  • Blood vomiting
  • Blood in stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

However, if these symptoms are not looked after, then they can take severe form. Some of the most common symptoms of liver failure include:

  • Confusion
  • Jaundice
  • Tiredness
  • The buildup of fluid in arms and legs

In acute liver failure, the patient will suffer from:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Jaundice
  • A general feeling of being sick
  • Disturbance in the mental health
  • Problem in movement
  • Bleeding
  • Sweaty breath odor

These conditions vary from patients to the patient, along with their condition. If someone is facing these symptoms, then he/she must contact their doctor immediately. The severity of the problem can be controlled if treated in time.

Liver Transplant Criteria and Requirements

Not every patient is eligible for a liver transplant, choosing who is the right candidate for liver transplant is your surgeon’s call, who will run several tests on you to confirm the procedure. The surgeon must be sure if the patient is the most suitable choice for a liver transplant. To make sure you are the right choice for a liver transplant, you must not have:

  • Any active infections
  • Cancer outside liver
  • substance abuse problem
  • Alcohol for about 6 months
  • Medical non-compliance
  • Any psychiatric conditions

The criteria that decide if you are the right candidate for a liver transplant or not include:

  • You must have a non-functioning liver that cannot be repaired through medicines or other treatments

  • You must pass several tests conducted on you by a hepatologist, including blood tests, CT scans, MRI scans, colonoscopy, endoscopy, electrocardiogram. Apart from it, the liver specialist will also conduct a proper assessment of you to confirm the disease.

  • A liver transplant is an expensive treatment that involves several lifestyle changes after surgery, as well. It would help if you had insurance to finance your treatment

Apart from the patient, the donor must also meet a specific criterion to give his liver to the patient. Here are the details:

  • The donor must pass all tests, including blood tests, CT scans, physical exams, tissue matching, electrocardiogram, and chest x-ray.

  • The donor must be willing to donate and must be of 18-60 years of age

  • The donor must commit to the pre-surgery procedure

  • He/she must be a close relative, friend or colleague

  • The donor must have ideal health status in terms of physical and mental

  • The donor and donor must have a blood match

  • He/she must not be overweight

  • The donor must oblige to avoid alcohol until fully recovered

Types of Liver Transplant Procedures

A liver transplant can be carried out in three ways, including:

Deceased Organ Donation
In this liver transplant procedure, the liver is taken from a deceased person who has recently died. Although, the surgeon needs to make sure if the deceased’s liver is in the right condition so it could be fitted in the patient. In deceased organ donation, the patient has to wait for a liver that can take up to weeks, months, or years as well.

Living Donor Liver Transplant
The liver can regenerate, which is why a living donor donation is also a good option for patients. In this procedure, a section of the liver of the living donor is taken from their body and fitted into the patient’s body. The transplanted and remaining section of living donors grows to normal size after some time.

Split Donation
In split donation, a healthy liver is split into two sections and transplanted into two patients where they naturally grow to their normal size. This procedure is beneficial as it helps two patients at one time. Mostly, liver donations are made by using a deceased’s liver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does it cost for a liver transplant in India?

    Liver transplant in India costs approximately $30,000, which is quite affordable as compared to the UK, US, and Singapore, where the prices are $80,000, $600,000, and $400,000, respectively.

  1. What is the success rate of liver transplants in India?

    Some of the globally renowned hospitals in India offer liver transplants. The success rate of liver transplantation in India is about 85%-90%, which is extremely high, considering the cost of the treatment.

  1. How long can a person live with a liver transplant?

    The longevity of the patient’s life is somewhat dependent on the donor if he is living or dead. Most patients can live for 5 or more years after transplant, while few cannot survive for even 5 years.

  1. Who can donate a liver?

    The donor must be between 18-55 years of age to donate a liver. Also, the donor must be in good health with no infections or disease, and the donor’s blood must match with the patient’s blood type.

  1. Who is eligible for a liver transplant?

    The patient must have an irreversible chronic liver disease that is not responding to any medical treatment or medications. If you have a condition like this, then your surgeon will most likely recommend a liver transplant.

  1. What is the recovery time after a liver transplant?

    The time of recovery from a liver transplant is dependent on your condition before the surgery; however, liver transplant takes about 6 months to 1 year for complete healing.

  1. How should we begin to have a liver transplant in India?

    Al Maryam Healthcare is one of the best medical travel agency in India that assist patients in finding the right option for the hospital and doctor for the patient in India. We look after the patient’s needs and preferences and provide them with options to choose from.

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