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We follow an extensive procedure to assist the patient with the best treatment in India. We aim to provide them value for money and suggest to them the best options that they can avail of. We look after every detail, including the travel plans, treatment, and getting back to your home, everything in a fair amount of money and time.

If you want to hire us as your medical travel agent, then you only have to follow a simple process. Here are all the steps.

7 Easy Steps


Send Your Details to Us: To start your medical treatment journey with us, the patient will have to send us all their details, including medical reports and other related documents. The patient can also mention their preferences while sending their documents so that we can act upon them. The details help us to ponder over your condition and choose the ideal treatment, hospital & doctor for you in India. We try our best to ensure the process is as quick as possible so that the patient can get their treatment in time.


Receive Medical Opinion and Total Cost Estimate: Once we analyze your case and show it to our experienced partner doctors, we send you their opinions and the total price quotation for the treatment. We ensure that our doctors are highly qualified in their field, and they aim to give the best treatment to the patient instead of costing them an arm and a leg. You will get fair treatment costs, including others so that you can make a decision.


Medical Visa, Hotel Bookings, and Other Arrangements: We will arrange medical visas, flight tickets, hotel bookings, language translators, and everything for the patient so they do not have to worry about going here and there. We will ask for your accommodation preferences and will act upon your wish. We aim to cover all your expenses within your budget so that there is less burden on your shoulders. Al Maryam Healthcare is the best medical travel agency in India, working around the clock to help you get the best treatment.


Pick up from Airport & Hotel Transfer Upon Arrival: We pick up our clients from the airport and drop them at their hotel. Our services include providing excellent care to our patients, so they do not feel alone in a new country. We offer all after-arrival services to our clients so they can feel relaxed during their treatment process.


Services before and during Surgery: We make sure that the patient gets all services before and during their surgery. We set up priority appointments with doctors upon patient arrival, manage their hotel & hospital transfers, help them in foreign exchange, ensure priority admission to selected hospitals, and assist them in post-treatment rehabilitation.


Post-Surgery Services: We offer post-surgery services to our clients, which include regular checkups, medicines delivery. The patients are taken care of after their surgery as well, so they do not feel stressed about it. Along with it, we will keep in touch with your family to let them know about your health and recovery. Also, we assist our clients with sightseeing recommendations and planning.


Rejuvenation Trip Extension & Return: We also offer rejuvenation trip extension services to our clients, but this is optional. Apart from it, we arrange return tickets for our clients, including other related services, for them to let them have a good and safe return back to their homeland.

Al Maryam Healthcare is the most ethical & transparent medical travel agency that you can hire in India to assist you in the medical treatment process. You can easily book our services as your agent to help you find the best surgeons, hospitals, and hotels to get high-quality treatment. Our team pledges to offer the highest level of customer satisfactory services to our clients to ensure stress-free travel. You can leave everything on us from booking your tickets to arrange a language translator for you.

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